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Cut Your Lap Time Deficit by Half in 30 days

or Get Your Money Back

Learn Why the Pros are Seconds Faster

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The Motor Racing Checklist

In-Depth Racing Course for Intermediate and Advanced Drivers

60 Video Lessons

Months of work writing, recording and editing, 1000$ equivalent in 1-on-1 coaching sessions

2000+ Drivers who improved drastically

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Course reviews available on my discord

The Suellio Method:

New method created after 2000 coaching sessions with high-level drivers including Formula 1 Engineers and E-Sports Champions

Do you know what you'll practice everytime you go on track?

World-class driving techniques developed with top-tier drivers, deconstructed into achievable steps

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Improve your car handling skills

After just some days of guided practice you’ll improve your driving skills in areas like braking, line choices in complicated corners, efficiency in practice, predictability and confidence.

Foundations of techniques that increase in complexity as we progress

New concepts developed after 2000 coaching sessions

Exercises for development of muscular memory to the highest level of precision

Tips to identify where to improve the most time, a.k.a lowest hanging fruit

Exclusive Discord Community for technique development discussion

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Lesson Plan

The course is organized to give you the best order of technique development possible.


Introduction and General Guidelines

The introduction consists of general guidelines that will help you organize the way you take the course for best results



This module will involve all skills necessary to give your technique the best foundation to prepare the car for a perfect corner approach, as well as how to identify grip availability for optimal braking performance



Here, we'll discuss key concepts that will simplify the understanding of corners in motorsport. Efficiency is key to find the limit, and here we'll dissect the corner into the most understandable chunks possible



Here you'll learn how to optimize tire usage during the entire corner, and learn incredibly important skills like Inducing Understeer, Inducing Oversteer, high-level developments of the string theory, and car corrections

Get Started Today

This is the biggest work of my life and the best in class.

On-demand videos that require weeks of practice to master

Specific lessons based on your questions, added regularly

Access on mobile

Over 2000+ graduates

Direct access to the course creator for questions and answers

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About Suellio Almeida

Professional Racing and Sim Racing Driver, Writer, Official Logitech G Sim Racing Coach



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The Motor Racing Book - Volume 1. Car Handling

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The Racecraft Checklist - Early Access

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1-on-1 Coaching Session - Sim Racing

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